Thinking of doing a mini renovation?

When considering sprucing up any room in your home there are certain key factors you should  keep in mind.

Is this room functional? Often times people enjoy the process of designing a room, but quickly forget to to adapt the space to their needs. Perhaps you enjoy entertaining and having guests over, ideally you would want an open space with multiple seating and the flexibility to quickly arrange the room for your guests needs. A room can be beautiful and still serve its purpose.

How do I want to feel? Your home should be a sacred space where you can feel at peace and be able to recharge. A cluttered room will invite dysfunction and prevent you from focusing on other daily to-do’s.

Cost effective Tips: Changing a wall color will definitely make an impact. If you are in a crunch for time and money there are small touches that will revive any room. Your local consignment store or Home Goods has affordable prices and one of a kind pieces. A simple lamp, or a corner club chair will give you the added “oomph” you are looking for.

Greenery: There is no doubt that plants will purify the air in your living space, but did you know that plants are recommended to reduce stress? That’s right! Studies show that adding living plants, or succulents can calm your heart rate, and reduce chronic fatigue. Another option if you think you don’t have a green thumb is to add a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers.

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